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Funny how I just realized that I’ve actually been going on trips every January since 2015 (aka since I got a job & started earning for myself). And each time, it’s been a nature-loving trip that somehow incorporated an intense uphill climb. This made me realize that (1) I live for basking in nature and its beauty, and (2) I like to start the year off fresh by challenging myself! This year was no different: just spent last weekend in sunny Coron, Palawan with a big group of friends!

Coron is found on Busuanga Island on the northern side of Palawan in the Philippines. The entire Coron municipality actually consists several of its neighboring islands. It’s easily becoming one of the Philippines’ most popular locations for white sand beaches and unique dive sites. Given that, I’m aware that none of these sights below are anything new in Coron, but with all the information out there on Coron’s “best” attractions, I thought I’d share 5 of my personal favorites that I believe are really worth it. So, here we go!

Mount Tapyas

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Remember that uphill climb I mentioned earlier? Yep, this sunset view didn’t come from nothing! 😂 Standing 210 meters above sea level as Coron’s second highest mountain, Mount Tapyas can offer a perfect overlooking view of Coron and its surrounding islands. We reached the top right as the sun was setting so, needless to say, it was a great opportunity to take some beautiful golden-hour photos. With all that promise, do keep in mind that the climb up to the top of Mount Tapyas takes around 700+ steps (but don’t worry, it’s all cemented stairs) and that we weren’t the only ones who thought of going up for the sunset. But overall, the experience was beautifully pleasant. Just try to pace yourself on the way up and find a good spot to call your own to watch the sun go down.

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Skeleton Wreck & Coral Garden

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One of the stops on our Ultimate Island Tour, this is definitely a must-see for those love seeing undersea creatures (like me)! The Skeleton Wreck is basically a sunken Japanese boat that’s still mostly intact, so it’s pretty cool to see while snorkeling. I especially liked this spot because a vast garden of corals and schools of fish could be seen not too far away from the sunken ship. Though I’ve gone snorkeling quite a few times already, this spot in Coron may be the first one where I’ve seen such a wide variety of sea creatures. From parrot fish to puffer fish to sea urchins and anemones, this place was alive and kicking with sea life! Bonus points since the fish aren’t even afraid to come near you! (There was a point where I passed by a school of fish and I laid still so they wouldn’t notice me. They all came up to me and thought I was food!)

Kayangan Lake

Rated as one of the top attractions of Coron, Kayangan Lake has definitely earned this title rightly. Apart from the excellent viewpoint overlooking the lake, the real highlight here is the incredibly crystal-clear water. With 70% of it being fresh water, we could instantly feel how refreshing it was by taking a dip in the lake. Due to its popularity, Kayangan Lake usually gets very crowded so time to appreciate its beauty can get very limited as well. But like any other well-known tourist spots, it always helps to get in early and try to not let the crowds ruin your experience!

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Down by the Kayangan Lake

Twin Lagoons

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Our visit to the Twin Lagoons was very fortunate as there were only a few groups left visiting, so we basically had the place to ourselves! (Which, then, may have tipped the scales for this place to be one of my favorite spots in Coron. Haha!) But other than that, I genuinely loved the Twin Lagoons because it seemed like such an untouched beauty. After swimming through the rock formation, we could immediately feel how peaceful it was inside the enclosed lagoon. While floating in the water, the surrounding towers of limestone truly left me in awe. The next thing I noticed was how the temperatures of the water are different. Water nearer to the surface tends to be ice cold while the water down below is warm. It’s such a weird yet interesting sensation that kept me curious to how this was happening! (If you can explain this sorcery, please let me know in the comments!) With all this praise, it’s needless to say that Twin Lagoons is one of my most favorite attractions in Coron! I highly recommend this spot to everyone — two thumbs up! 👍👍

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Dinsay and his GoPro 🙂

Malcapuya Island

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Being a Cebuana who’s had her fair share of beach trips throughout her life, it takes a lot for me to be dazed by common beaches anymore (haha, high standards, much?) But Malcapuya Island had me! It not only met up with my high expectations (after reading rave reviews online) but it exceeded them! Powdery white sand beaches, the nicest locals, a less crowded overlooking spot of the island, and gorgeous views that reminded me of New Zealand seasides — these all add up to a very very happy Giselle 😍 My only regret is that we spent a shorter time here than I would’ve liked but it was all so picturesque!

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How about you? What are your favorite Coron highlights? Or if you’re planning to go, which spots excite you the most? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

I visited Coron, Palawan in the Philippines in January 2018.

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