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Hello, internet and of course, you, dear reader! As the first post of this new project of mine, I thought I’d start out with some introductions. So, here goes:

Hi! I’m Giselle, a 20-something Cebuana based here in Manila, Philippines. I’m a young professional working at a corporate job (which I do not hate, contrary to popular belief) with an insatiable passion for travel! I decided to create this little space on the internet for me to be able to spill over my love for travel and transform it into something hopefully useful and entertaining for all you guys!


My Passion for Travel

New York, Empire State Building
Empire State Building, New York, USA

How did I fall in love with travel, you ask? Let me break it down for you: I began my life of travel at a young age (thanks to my lovely parents), but I actually only discovered my passion for it a few years back. The reason being a mix of factors that influenced me both on a social and personal level.

On a social level, it is pretty clear that the idea of travel has completely transformed over the years. I remember when I was growing up that I’d always look forward to summer vacations because it meant we would be going on a trip somewhere. It was also known that travelling would be expensive, so it was really only done on occasion. But today, we can see that travel has transformed into something more achievable, so to speak. So many more cheap travel destinations and options have become available to us, as well as the trend of different career opportunities that are now location-independent. With the help of the internet and social media, this image of an amazing nomadic lifestyle has hypnotized us all — including me, of course!

On a more personal note, I realized some years ago that one of my happiest moments is when I’ve just arrived in a new city — usually late in the night, on that cab ride to the hotel, a bit groggy from the flight and then I take a look outside and just take it all in. It’s in that moment that I feel the bounty of possibilities for new experiences that await me in that place. Such an exhilarating feeling that I can never let go of and will always crave for! But that’s the funny thing about travel: it teases you so much that you think, “Okay, once I’ve done this and seen this in this particular city, I can cross them off my list and move on to the next”, but then after you’ve done those things, it only leaves you wanting to discover more in that city! After that, what can I do but be obsessed with travel? 😁


Starting a Travel Blog


I’ve actually been wanting to start my own travel blog for a couple of years now but have never gone around doing it since it seemed like such an intimidating task. In our society, especially here in the Philippines, blogging seems like such a big, flashy hoopla with all these expectations of what a blogger should be like. Honestly, I get so anxious thinking about how that blogger image does not fit me at all. (But don’t worry, I’m trying my best to overcome it!)

Earlier this year, I decided that this was something I really wanted to do and that I would never know if I’d be good at it if I didn’t try! Nobody else was gonna go follow my dreams for me. My blog can be anything I want it be — I can be anything I want to be — no matter what anyone expects!

So, here we are… at the tail end of this unintentionally lengthy post! (I honestly just wanted to welcome you guys to my blog. Haha!) I hope you enjoyed this read and that you come back here soon! 🙂


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